Thursday, 12 February 2009

GWT 1.6 Milestone 1

In case you weren't aware, GWT 1.6 Milestone 1 has recently been released. The biggest change is that projects are now laid out using a standard WAR file structure. This makes hosted mode much better because you now have full control over the web.xml file. They've also switched from Tomcat to Jetty internally (Jetty's start-up time is quicker) and they've added a button to restart the server without having to exit and restart hosted mode. Very convenient.

I'm combining GWT with Tapestry 5, in my current project, so these changes are very helpful. I can now run them together in hosted mode.


StuartE said...

Can't wait for GWT 1.6 - really looking forward to the improved compilation times... as for Tapestry... errr I'd rather not. :)

Jim said...

Tapestry 5 is miles away from Tapestry 4, even so, Tapestry 4 was miles ahead of the competitions at the time (did you rather use JSP or struts??)

Having said that, I don't understand why you bother to combine GWT with Tapestry, I think GWT does everything better.

David Peterson said...

Yeah, I kinda agree but Google search engine can't spider GWT applications yet, and not all browser platforms support Javascript.

Georges said...

GWT is really good - it lacks a set of nice GUI components like SmartGWT though.